Aimee K. Bryant is an actor, singer, songwriter and teaching artist working in the Twin Cities.

Sarah M. Greer is a singer, improviser and instructor who loves performing and co-creating with other singers and musicians. She has “invented” songs on local and international stages with singers and musicians from around the world. Based in the Twin Cities, she performs, composes and works to change the world one group of singers at a time through her community singing project – Songtaneous.

Jayanthi Kyle is an archivist songstress collecting songs that speak to her struggle and empowerment and ability to be, change, and move forward while honoring the unremembered changers and movers of yore. She sings for people passing worlds (new or old or hardly used – meaning births and children, hospice and funerals) and is in eight bands, and has the heart of a mother.

Mankwe Ndosi is a Vocalist, Songmaker, Improviser and Cultural Worker who collaborates with musicians, dancers, MC’s and artists of all kinds. She moves in all musical worlds, chiefly weaving Creative improvisation through the worlds of hip hop, blues, afro soul, and world/root musics. She works with people of all ages in exploring their creative voice and in valuing and unearthing their own songs and stories.

Alicia Steele is a seeker of expressive arts, finding joy in dance, visual and theater art, mainly finding a home in vocal performance – as long as it’s live. Alicia has a love for improv, often finding outdoor or public spaces to sing/dance solo and with friends. In 2013 Alicia Steele and the Endeavors released a short EP, “The Foreplay Sessions,” which featured a mix of live and studio jazz/R&B tunes. After taking a year off performing, Alicia is anxious for growing opportunities to perform.

Elizabeth “Libby” Turner is one of the most recognizable and active musicians in Minnesota – but she is not always found at home! She is dedicated to teaching and experiencing as much music as possible all over the world, and shares her love of music enthusiastically with people of all colors, cultures and musical tastes. A native of St. Paul and a music business veteran, Libby is well recognized for her extensive work on every Sounds of Blackness studio album and project through 1995, and her studio vocal coaching and background singing work have been utilized by many high-profile professional recording artists and labels. She is also very proud of her work as a vocal coach and consultant/director for various Twin Cities community-based choirs and artists. Libby stays connected with artists working through national and independent labels, and maintains a teaching schedule filled with private voice students, classroom and school presentations, choral workshops, small vocal group coaching, and independent projects.

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